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Frequently asked questions

What is GetFit Nutrition

So what's this all about?

It would be great if everyone had their own team of weight loss and fitness experts—just like ‘A-list’ celebs and top athletes do—but think about the cost. GetFit Nutrition® has been designed by dietitians, nutritionists, health psychologists and fitness professionals. We have taken all their experience and knowledge, and used it to build a service that you can access through a virtual Health Coach.

We have also created a simple way of making sure you know how much of each different food group you need to eat each day to help you reach your ideal weight—this is called the Nutrition Card® system. Using it ensures that you enjoy a perfectly balanced healthy diet

How does it work?

GetFit Nutrition® is the most holistic approach to weight loss and healthy living available online. Designed for the 21st century to help everyone deal with the problems that we all face in controlling our weight and making healthier lifestyle choices, every member of GetFit Nutrition® receives a personal programme based on their lifestyle. Unlike other weight loss services, which just churn out a set menu or an eating plan that you have to follow, GetFit Nutrition® takes the time to learn about you and your goals and then coaches you to make a series of small healthy lifestyle changes one at a time.

Who is behind GetFit Nutrition®?

GetFit Nutrition® has been designed by dietitians, nutritionists, health psychologists and fitness professionals who are passionate about giving you personal help with your weight, wellbeing and health goals.

How do I lose weight with GetFit Nutrition®?

We will help you lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle in three ways, by:

  • Showing you how to take control of your food intake with the Nutrition card system
  • Giving you support throughout the week from your virtual coach
  • Helping you gradually make realistic changes and supporting you through the good times and the challenging times.
What does LEAN stand for?

Life. Energy. Attitude. Nutrition. We believe that you need to focus on more than just what you eat to lose weight, keep it off and lead a healthy lifestyle. That's why GetFit Nutrition® makes sure that the guidance you get fits into your life. We help you find ways to achieve your weight goal, by making small lifestyle changes.

Is it similar to anything else I might have tried?

We're very different to everyone else: our goal is to make sure you're confident you can make healthy lifestyle choices without us (if you choose!). Many weight loss programmes and diet books are designed to get you hooked, either on fast weight loss that you'll never be able to maintain, or worse, make you reliant on their way of eating. GetFit Nutrition® was designed by professionals who have been overweight or obese and understand that the goal for many people is to lose weight and live their life to the full—not be a slave to an eating regime they have to follow for life. That’s why every part of your personal programme has been designed to make you the master of your own destiny, not a slave to an eating system.

Do I have to be a certain weight to join?

Anyone can join GetFit Nutrition® who is aged 18 or over. Our weight loss service has been designed to help people reach the correct weight range for them to maintain good health.

As long as you do not wish to lose an amount of weight that would take you below a healthy weight range, you can join GetFit Nutrition® to lose or maintain weight.

Will GetFit Nutrition® work for me?

Around 80% of our members have lost weight and/or shrunk their waist size whilst using the service. We recognise that to lose weight, and keep it off, you must find something that you enjoy doing and that can fit into your lifestyle. GetFit Nutrition® healthy eating programme is so flexible it can fit into anyone's lifestyle.

If you're ready to start making changes, we'll show you how to do this, we will support you and keep you motivated.

Is it easy to do?

GetFit Nutrition® service has been created by experienced experts who know how frustrating weight loss can be. We want you to succeed and have developed an innovative system for making weight loss, and healthy eating, which is easy as well as enjoyable.

As with anything new, it will take a short time to understand the Nutrition Card® system and the website—but after that, our members say it is the easiest and simplest system to help them lose weight. Check our success stories to see what our members think of GetFit Nutrition®

The Nutrition Card® System

What is The Nutrition Card® System?

Simply: the easiest way to eat a healthy balance diet everyday without radically changing your life.

It has been shown time and time again that people who keep track of what they eat and drink lose weight and keep it off far more successfully than those who don't. The Nutrition Card® system is a simple and convenient way to keep track of what you eat and drink during day.

We give you a certain number of Portions™ (portions) that you can eat from the different food groups each day (including sweets/treats/alcohol). Each time you eat a portion™ (portion) of food you make a little rip on the side of the Nutrition Card®, beside the relevant food group. So if you ate a banana, which equals 1 portion™, you would make a little rip on the edge of the Nutrition Card®, beside the Fruit & Vegetables section—and because we divide your targets up across the different food groups you can be sure you're eating a healthy balanced diet every day.

We do all the hard work and calculations for you, leaving you to enjoy the benefits of healthy eating—keeping track of the food you eat is easier than calorie counting!

What are Portions™?

portion is our term for a portion of food. We give you personal portion™ targets based on the correct quantity, and quality, of food you need for good health and weight loss (or maintenance)—you don’t have to count calories, exclude or restrict different food types.

You get your portion™ targets when you first join, once you have completed your virtual consultation.

Do the number of Portions™ I have ever change?

Yes—if you start to exercise regularly you can tell us and we'll change the number of Portions™. Also, once you have reached your weight goal we’ll put you on a maintenance programme and the number of your Portions™ will change then too.

How much can I eat?

We show you how much of each type of food equals a portion™. For example 3 tablespoons of cooked rice (white, wholemeal, long-grain, etc.) is one portion™. We give you a portion Guide™ booklet showing you the portion™ values of many foods—you can also find out the portion™ value from the online food database.

How many Portions™ do I get?

This depends on your weight, age, gender and what your weight goal is. We calculate portion targets for you and divide them across the different food groups to make sure your diet is balanced and contains all the nutrients you need for healthy weight loss.

Can I save my Portions™ up for the weekend / special occasion?

This is possible—you can also exchange Portions™ between groups, making the Nutrition Card® system very flexible. If you wish, you can save up your Portions™ for treats and use them all at once.

However, we still recommend that if you do this for alcohol, you do not drink more units in a day than the current recommended healthy guidelines from the government, which are 2 units for women and 3 units for men.

We understand that alcohol can play an important relaxing role in people’s social lives, that's why GetFit Nutrition® has developed unique tools to help you incorporate alcohol in a healthy balanced diet, and find alternative ways for you to relax and enjoy life.

Can I still eat chocolate/treats?

Does the sun shine? Yes—of course! The worst thing to do when dieting or trying to lose weight is to make certain foods ‘bad’ or ‘forbidden’. By doing this, you will often crave for them more. We will show you how you can keep eating chocolate as part of a balanced diet. It's often not the type of food that is stopping you from losing weight, but the quantity.

The Nutrition Card® system will help show you how much you are eating and GetFit Nutrition® will show you how to control your chocolate eating so you can still enjoy it whilst losing and maintaining your weight.

Can I still enjoy an alcoholic drink?

Yes, if you want to. We also have a special section online designed to help people cut down or cut out alcohol.


What type of support will I receive?

Each week your virtual Health Coach will contact you, via e-mail, inviting you to login and enter your weight and/or waist size. By keeping a record of your measurements, you can keep track of your progress as you make changes.

  • You can check our experts' FAQ section, where there are 100s of answers to nutrition, health and fitness questions asked by other members.
  • You can e-mail our experts and we'll read all those that we receive. We will always do our best to answer them and post the answer on the FAQ board. We cannot answer very specific personal nutrition and weight loss questions, but will help you find the answer if we can.
  • You have unlimited access to the food database which we have created to support the Nutrition Card® system—it covers major food outlets, restaurants, fast food restaurants (we're all human), sweets, snacks and drinks.
  • You can access our Time Management, Stress Management and Difficult Situation sections (these are created by leading health psychologists).
  • Each week you can choose a new Healthy Habit, which is designed to fit into your lifestyle and help you reach, and maintain, your health and weight goals.
How does the virtual coach work?

GetFit Nutrition® is a group of dieticians, nutritionists, health psychologists and fitness professionals who are qualified and passionate about helping you with any situation, problem or question with healthy living and weight loss. We spent around 50,000 hours developing this site (and are still doing so…) a huge database of nutrition, weight loss, fitness, health and lifestyle management information. Your Virtual HealthCoach accesses this information, based on the answers you gave in your virtual consultation and on your personal weight goals to make sure you get the right advice.

Are there more FAQs?

Yes—there are 100s of nutrition, weight loss, health and fitness FAQs…

Health related issues and GetFit Nutrition®

[GetFit Nutrition] is not a replacement for medical services and you should always seek advice from your GP or medical or health care worker before starting any weight loss, nutritional programme or fitness programme. The advice given by [GetFit Nutrition] on this site does not act as a substitute for medical advice or treatment.  Women who are pregnant or who are breast feeding should not use this service.  [GetFit Nutrition] recommends that you implement any dietary changes or fitness programmes only under the supervision of their medical practitioner.

I have high cholesterol. Can I still join?

Yes. Because GetFit Nutrition® service has been developed by dietitians and nutritionists using UK healthy eating guidelines, it is suitable for most medical conditions.

Every new member completes a virtual consultation, which covers any health conditions affecting them or their family.

This information is used to create a personal programme, taking into account conditions such as high blood cholesterol. Your personal LEANProfile™ will also give you fantastic tips for best foods to eat from each group, helping you to reduce your cholesterol naturally, or in combination with medication prescribed by your GP.

Your virtual Health Coach even considers your cholesterol level when making suggestions for your weekly Healthy Habit.

I have diabetes. Can I still join?

Yes. Because dietitians and nutritionists, using UK healthy eating guidelines have developed GetFit Nutrition® service, it is suitable for anyone.

Every new member completes a virtual consultation, which covers any health conditions affecting them or their family.

This information is used to create a personal programme, taking into account conditions such as diabetes. Your GetFit Nutrition® programme has been designed using current UK diabetes guidelines for healthy eating.

Your virtual Health Coach even takes your diabetes into account when making suggestions for your weekly ‘Healthy Habit’.

I'm breastfeeding. Can I still join?

Breastfeeding is nature's way of ensuring your baby's nutritional requirements are met during the first 6 months after birth. We're very pleased you've chosen this method of feeding. GetFit Nutrition® wants to protect both you and your baby, and therefore has a standard policy of adhering to the Department of Health recommendation for breast-feeding women not to follow a diet for weight loss until weaning begins.

This is to ensure the adequacy of a mother's breast-milk is not compromised during this important period of development. We will, of course, be delighted if you still wish to join us when you start weaning your baby.

I'm on HRT. Can I still join and will I be able to lose weight?

For a number of reasons the menopause is associated with weight gain, but there’s no evidence that HRT contributes to this. In fact, HRT may help minimise the distribution of fat around the abdomen. This type of weight gain is not only distressing for women, but is also associated with an increased risk of weight related conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Lifestyle changes, such as diet and activity, during the menopause will help you lose weight, and keep it off, if you keep up the changes. GetFit Nutrition® will show you how to make small, enjoyable changes to what you eat, and ones that you will find easy to keep doing.

I have coeliac disease and need to follow a gluten-free diet.

No problem. The Nutrition Card® system allows you to avoid all gluten containing foods and include all the permitted foods you enjoy to ensure a healthy balanced diet everyday. Many gluten free plans for weight loss are prescriptive and list the breakfast, dinners and lunches to be eaten. The Nutrition Card® system shows you how to make small changes to what you currently enjoy eating, to ensure a healthy balanced diet as you lose weight (if you need to). Our dietitians have years of experience with gluten free diets and are always available via e-mail to answer any of your general health, nutrition and fitness questions.

I have a food allergy/intolerance. Can I still join?

Yes, GetFit Nutrition®'s unique and simple Nutrition Card® system has been developed by dieticians and registered nutritionists to be suitable for everyone, regardless of any food allergy or intolerance you may have. Unlike some of our competitors, who focus on food restriction, GetFit Nutrition® encourages living with allergy/intolerance by eating a healthy balanced diet containing all the vital nutrients for wellbeing and good health.

I am a vegetarian. Can I still join?

Absolutely. The Vegetarian Society encourages vegetarians to eat a wide variety of foods from the Balance of Good Health (BoGH) – this is the healthy eating model used by UK health professionals and GetFit Nutrition®. The ‘Meat & Alternatives’ group of the BoGH includes non-animal protein such as pulses, tofu, seeds and nuts. GetFit Nutrition® encourages its vegetarian and non-vegetarian members to include alternatives to animal products as part of a healthy balanced diet.

I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Can I join and lose weight?

Absolutely, the Nutrition Card® system allows you to exclude foods that trigger your symptoms, whilst ensuring that you include suitable alternatives to provide the vital nutrients important for your wellbeing and good health. GetFit Nutrition®’s collective experience of advising on many different diet-related conditions ensures that you will always be listened to, and supported, on your weight loss journey.

If you haven’t had your food allergy or intolerance confirmed by a doctor or dietitian we strongly recommend you do so—just in case you're avoiding foods unnecessarily.