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Success stories

We all like to be healthy and to be sure that we're doing the best we can for ourselves, and our families, health.

Many of our members share their weight loss successes with us—here's a selection of them.

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…the sense of control it has given me over my health and lifestyle has been priceless!

Gill Breeze, Witney

The Nutrition card was superb. It helped me to eat not just the right amount, but the right sort of food and lose weight at the same time. By eating the right sort of food, I've actually been able to eat more!

Daniel Godber, London

I would quickly like to say that I think you have got the idea and website spot on, and I wish the best successes for the GetFit Nutrition. I have found it fun and easy to use which is why I think it’s so good.

Stuart Kusta, Reading

I am enjoying [GetFit Nutrition] programme, I haven’t had to make radical changes to my diet, I already knew where I was going wrong! But, I am busy correcting that and hey presto the weight is coming off!

Sheila Sears, Cornwall

Just logged on to the website again!—and I wanted to tell you that the website is just getting better and better. I have lost 3lbs in my first 2 weeks, which I’m really pleased with—thanks for making it easy!

Bridget O'Dea, London

I came across your site and am thankful I have done as it is just what I have been looking for, especially as it is male friendly. I do wish you all the luck with your business.

Jason Croft

My workmates all think I have been much more positive over the last week and I feel a difference in my overall outlook. The best thing is I don't feel like I'm on a diet, I feel like I'm making healthy choices in all areas of my life. Congrats on a really good, and long overdue service.

Laura Anderson, Falkirk

I have definitely lost weight over the last two months and have found it quite easy to do so, that’s a big change for me! I’ve seen that I can actually stick to something—usually I get bored within 2 weeks and do something else.

I have also seen that lots of people change their diet strategy from week to week, even day to day but the Nutrition card system just lets me get on with it.

It's a simple and effective system that fits easily into your life. It allows you to continue being yourself, but also shows you how and where to make changes if you want to.

Alex Enness, Camberwell

I've lost weight, have increased energy levels (which is particularly noticeable during my workouts at the gym) and greatly improved my daily eating habits.

In a nutshell—it works!!!

It even managed to exceed my expectations as it is a surprisingly simple and easy system to use! Being tailor made for me as an individual there is thankfully no generic rigid eating plan to follow or calories to calculate.

It's the easiest system to follow and it works.

Veronica McLaughlin, Enfield

I got a new email sent the night before last and logged it. It was very good as it gave me a graph of my waist measurement changes which I thought was a great idea. It was very encouraging. That section had never came up before. It left me with a feel good factor which I think will encourage more people to us it.

Mhairi-Claire Keegan

There's no pressure and no weigh-ins. There are no points to count and no long lists of foods to search through. Your daily allowance and serving sizes for each food category are on the Nutrition Card. It’s very easy to follow and it works.

I’m more confident about my body shape and not hiding inside a jacket.

Christine Pearce, Kennington

I'm liking the approach so far—very slow and methodical, one step at a time, which is what I need. Right now I'm just recording what I am eating.

Brett Mchargue, London

…you will be amused to know that since subscribing to the GetFit Nutrition I have lost weight and am at my lightest in ten years…

Maurice Benisty, London

We all like to be healthy and to be sure that we're doing the best we can for ourselves, and our families, health.