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Starting the day with a milk drink or skinny latte/cappuccino (made with skimmed milk)


The Basics

The coffee habit is becoming firmly established in the UK and many of us are regular visitors of coffee shops either on the way to work, after dropping the kids at school or in the office.

Cappuccinos and lattes sold in coffee shops tend to be larger and higher in calories compared to a mug of coffee you make at home.

If you following our unique Nutrition card weigth management system, below are the portion values for Lattes / cappuccinos

                                                                         Skinny     Whole milk

Small is often 340ml (12oz)                       1½ tares   tares

Medium can be 450ml (16oz)                     2 tares      2 tares

Large can be 570ml (20oz)                        3 tares      3 tares

A large whole-milk latte contains about 370 calories – ‘skinny’ versions of coffee drinks are made with skimmed milk (a small ‘skinny’ latte saves 200 calories and 3 teaspoons of fat compared to a large whole-milk latte).


Common Myths and Misconceptions

  • “A milky coffee drink doesn’t count as dairy” – Why not? Your body doesn’t disregard the milk because you’ve consumed it with a spoon or two of coffee. Milky coffee drinks, in moderation, can make a valuable contribution to your liquid and nutrient intake – you just need to be aware of the high calorie content of some of the drinks sold at coffee shops


Tips and Tricks

  • Always remember to ask for a skinny cappuccino, latte or hot chocolate – this means it will be made with skimmed milk.


  • Don’t be shy - ask your regular shop for a list or the terms they use to order coffee e.g. a dry skinny cappuccino will have more foam, less liquid (dry) and be made with skimmed milk.


  • Say no to flavoured syrup shots  - each one is equivalent to a teaspoon of sugar or cream.


  • Think portion control – do you really need a pint of latte? Choose a small or tall and have water if you need to drink more fluid.


If ‘skinny’ is not available (i.e. they do not have skimmed milk) choose a small size of drink instead.


We all like to be healthy and to be sure that we're doing the best we can for ourselves, and our families, health.