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Enjoying a glass of red wine within your Nutrition Card® allowance

Iron – the Basics

“Before you go and start guzzling bottles of red wine, note that the cardio-protective benefits are only seen in men over 40-years-of-age and women past the menopause”, explains Tony.

“Red wine contains polyphenols (same as those found in tea), which can interfere with iron absorption, but it is not clear if drinking red wine with meals significantly impairs iron absorption”.

There are proven health benefits to drinking wine, but it’s important not to exceed a total alcohol intake of 3 units a day for men and 2 units a day for women.

One standard glass (125ml) of red wine provides just over 1.0mg of iron


Iron Myths and Misconceptions

  • “Red wine is best for good health”. The reference to red wine is a bit of a red herring. Any kind of alcohol is cardio-protective but the health benefit only kicks in for men over 40 and women after the menopause. It appears that the maximum health benefit is obtained with 1-2 units of alcohol a day.


Iron - Tips and Tricks

  • For good health, it's a good idea to spread your drinking throughout the week and avoid binge drinking.


  • Always try to eat before you start drinking wine – either at home or when you go out for the evening.


  • Try not to start drinking red wine if you are thirsty – quench your thirst with water or a non-alcoholic drink first.


  • Try to keep your alcohol intake moderate by alternating a glass of wine with a large glass of water.


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